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KIT-icism | The Miami Vice Open Edition

“The Miami Vice Open” — 10 pm NBC – Crockett and Tubbs pose as sports agents in an attempt to get close to a professional tennis player romantically linked to “The Columbian”. Lotte, a beautiful Dutch baseliner on the international tennis circuit, has taken Miami by storm in her Grecian wrap tennis dress and matching headband, both by Lacoste. What she lacks in wristbands, she makes up for in empty gazes at the horizon. Will she lead Crockett and Tubbs directly to the cartel? Or will she testify to the power and durability of stainless-steel racquet frames?

KIT icism Miami Vice Open

Image vintage Lacoste

Eric Panke has worked 20+ years in advertising and prefers white tennis shoes. Follow on Twitter: @twoPANK

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