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New Device, The In/Out, Calls Your Lines Affordably

You’ve seen the computer-enhanced line calls on TV, via such devices as the Hawk-Eye and PlaySight. Now a Palo Alto, California inventor has a similar device that can bring a new level of line call accuracy to your local club matches. It’s called the In/Out (not to be confused with California’s legendary hamburger chain) and while it’s not as precise as those other high-end models, it doesn’t carry the high-end price tag, either. Here’s how it works.

“We do not claim the same precision as the Hawk-Eye system. Obviously, you can’t expect with a $200 portable product getting the same accuracy as a fixed $60k-per-tournament system, but we think we (have) reached a good level” inventor and tennis player Grégoire Gentil told Tennis Identity.

In/Out camera

The In/Out literally calls the lines- you get real-time lights and sound to signal in or out. CNN reports that Hawk-Eye costs around $60,000 per court, and “PlaySight’s SmartCourt system costs up to $12,500 on an outdoor court, with an additional $500 a month for maintenance and cloud storage.” Ouch. We can leave that price tag to the big monied training centers maybe.

In/Out camera

Let’s put these gizmos in a historical tennis context. What if any of these had existed back in the day when Nastase, Connors, and Mac were ranting, raving, and going nuts on the court? You simply can’t argue when the call is zeroed in like it is with these devices. We wouldn’t have been treated to one of the most famous moments in tennis history:

Gentil continues: The most important (thing) is that In/Out can be trusted. If you can hit 100 times the exact same shot on the line, the device is going to make 100 times the exact same call, whatever it’s in or out, whatever it’s 0/0, 15-15 or 6/5 30-40. I’m not sure that you can say the same for your opponent! The device doesn’t take sides. Our marketing claim is ‘99% accurate, 100% trustworthy.’ It says it all!

Tennis players can probably rest easy that Gentil knows his science where the In/Out is concerned. CNN says he has a “Master’s degree in mathematics and physics from Ecole Polytechnique in France and a Master’s degree of science in engineering management from Stanford University.”

You can also connect the In/Out to your Apple or Android mobile device through an app.

10/2/2017 — This device is now available:

The In/Out sells for $199.

Grégoire Gentil

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