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Everyday Products We’re Loving Now 001

From food, to health and beauty, we often get samples to try here at Tennis Identity. Here are a few worthy of mention:

Caliwater is cactus water (really!) with a little flavoring added (wild prickly pear, cactus + berry and cactus + peach).  It’s new, 100% natural and refreshingly hydrating, containing 5 naturally occurring electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Try it as a healthy lower calorie, natural  alternative to sugary sports beverages like Gatorade. The containers are Tetra Pak cardboard. Caliwater comes  in a case of 12 11.2 oz cartons.



Most higher end tennis apparel has some form of microbial fighting anti odor fabrication built in. Most lower end – reasonably priced – apparel doesn’t. We like this washing machine add in for its ability to make even the stinkiest workout apparel smell fresh again. The odor eliminating formula works seamlessly with any detergent and not only nukes sweat odor but also pet, smoke (not that we do) etc.  Febreze In-Wash Laundry Odor Eliminator, Fresh Scent, 50 Fluid Oz


active repair by Babytime

It’s still cold here in the northeast and the dry indoor air has caused tiny cracks in the finger creases of my racquet holding hand – happens every winter – nasty things. Wrapping fingers during play helps but this cream, designed for eczema sufferers, helps soften and heal when I’m not playing without being greasy. It is packed with ceramides and antioxidents  which contribute to the healing effect. We hear that the Babytime! line is used in many hospital Neonatal Intensive care Units so we know it’s safe.  Active Repair from Babytime! by Episencial

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