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Add Grass to Your Game with Wimbledon Branded Gear

The third Slam of the year is underway. The Championships, as Wimbledon is often referred to, is a fortnight of tennis elegance, British style. We picked out a few select fun to own Wimbledon branded items you might want to put on your gift list- for yourself, or your favorite doubles partner. Not many ever get to play on grass.  Here’s how to add the surface to your local game.

First, a backpack style from Babolat. TW USA/ TW Europe

Wimbdon Branded tennis backpack

And from Cortiglia, a stylish tote stamped with the Wimbledon emblem: TW USA

Cortiglia Womens tennis bag

The official ball of The Championships. That’s all you need to know.

Find it: TW/Europe

Slazenger Wimbledon 4-Ball 18 Can Case

A Babolat Men’s Wimbledon Performance Polo. Didn’t see these when we did our Babolat Wimbledon post, but here we have a nice sleek men’s polo with the distinctive Babo double stripes on the sleeve, and the Wimbledon logo on the chest. Find it: TW/Europe

Babolat Men's Wimbledon Performance Polo

No Wimby logo here but it is Nike’s Men’s Wimbledon T-Shirt. Tennis balls over London Bridge. How veddy…..British. Find it: TW/USA

Nike Men's Wimbledon T-Shirt

Bjorn Borg Men’s Summer Palmer Crew (and yes I digress). We’re adding this here because, of course, this is the guy who owned Wimbledon from the mid 1970s through the early 1980s. His original Fila BJ line is sadly long gone (though Fila has sorta reissued it,) and he has his own clothing company. This shirt is made of 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane Hydro Pro, and comes in the Aqua color shown, and a Black & White Print. I like the design as it reminds me of this classic look with the BORG on the sleeves. I had that one, and the all-white version, too! Find it: TW/USA

Bjorn Borg Men's Summer Palmer Crew

Roger Federer Autographed Men’s Wimbledon Hand Shirt. Maybe you’d like something to commemorate Wimbledon, from the guy who owns the tournament now. Here’s a 2016 Nike Federer emoji T, and oh BTW it’s signed by The GOAT. ‘Nuff said. Comes in Wimbledon white, size medium, and you get proof of authenticity. Just don’t spill any strawberries and cream on it- it’s not like you can ring Fed up for a replacement. “Uh, hi, Mirka? Say, is he in?” Find it: TW/Europe

Roger Federer Autographed Men's Wimbledon Hand Shirt

Asics Gel Resolution 7 L.E. London. Asics has once again issued a shoe with graphics to commemorate a Slam. This is their women’s Wimbledon shoe. Find it: TW/USA

Asics Gel Resolution 7 L.E. London Women's

And this is the men’s version. Find it: TW/USA

Asics Gel Resolution 7 L.E. London Men's


Babolat’s special Propulse AC Wimbledon TW USA / TW Europe


wimbledon tennis shoe

adidas Men’s Wimbledon Graphic T-Shirt. Another (very cool) adidas Wimbledon offering in 100% cotton. Find it: TW/USA

adidas Men's Wimbledon Graphic T-Shirt

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