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Johanna Konta And Questions About Her Identity

A new tennis hero has just emerged and just like many other winners in the past, a lot of controversies have crept up. But the good thing is that it is not one she should be worried about. It was a couple weeks ago that the 26-year-old Johanna Konta defeated the world number 2 to set up a semifinal duel with Venus Williams in the world of tennis.

Johanna Konta
Johanna Konta

As relatively unknown as she was, Konta defeated Simona Halep 6-7 (2-7) 7-6 (7-5) 6-4 in the quarterfinal game.

Reports around the world, and especially in Great Britain, are that she has now become the first British female to reach this height since Virginia Wade last did in 1978. but many people who are not happy that the British is always colonising the best for themselves, and regularly tracing back the genealogy of the worst, will not have any of these. So they are asking, is she really Brit?

This woman has been rising from one stage to the other in her career as a tennis player. She was the winner of the Miami Open in April this year. She won it by beating the more popular Caroline Wozniacki and took home whopping prize money of £937,000. So, the press is saying that she is bridging the talent drought that the Great Britain has experienced in the female tennis circuit for a long time. They also appreciate the fact that she is not full of the stardom, as she is a completely normal person.

What We Know About Konta

Of course, we know her as a globetrotter. She has been all over the world while pursuing her career before ending up in the UK. Born in Sidney, Australia to Hungarian parents, an hotelier dad and a dentist mum, she started her training in Barcelona at Sanchez Casak Academy.

However, in 2005, the family relocated to the UK and stationed in England. That was at the age of 14, and she continued training as a future tennis player. But the thing is, even while living in the UK, she used to play as an Australian, and still have a sister there. However, in 2012, she became a British citizen.

Now, apart from winning four doubles and 11 international tennis federation singles that are worth £600,000 before the Miami Open of £937,000, there are no other trophies in her cabinet. So, people who don’t know how to bet on tennis would never have given the Wimbledon semifinal to her.

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