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Venus Williams’ 2017 Wimbledon Whites

EleVen By Venus’s top endorser, Venus Williams has just announced what she will be wearing to Wimbledon. No prints for this tournament, of course. Just pristine white as the tournament demands. Look for comfortable fabrics and cuts that move with your every serve, volley and stretch. Designer V know a thing or two about tennis.

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Venus Wimbledon

I’m fortunate to be able to play the sport I love for so many years, and it is amazing that it’s time for another Wimbledon. Each time I play The Championships is as unique and thrilling as though it were the first. So what to wear to Wimbledon? This year, I’m going with my Club Collection.  -Venus Williams

EleVen Women’s Whites Wimbledon Dress

EleVen Women's Whites Wimbledon Dress

EleVen Women’s Core Flutter Skirt

Venus: “A must-have for me is the Flutter Skirt, which performs so well in a competition, and looks amazing. It’s the ultimate for comfort, coverage, style, and performance.”

EleVen Women's Core Flutter Skirt

EleVen Women’s Intrepid Jammin Skirt

Venus: “The Jammin Skirt is so much fun. With its fun ruffle, it has great style and flair and also is able to keep up with me in a competition.”

EleVen Women's Intrepid Jammin Skirt

EleVen Women’s Diamond Raceday Tank

Venus: “I couldn’t forget my Raceday Tank, one of my favorite tank tops which has a sleek racer back along with a back pleat.” (Well, she won’t be wearing this color scheme, though.)

EleVen Women's Diamond Raceday Tank

EleVen Women’s Core Love Tank

Venus: “The Love Tank is another one of my top picks. It is so comfortable and flattering, too. You don’t have to be headed to Wimbledon to look and feel better than your best in these styles! Whether you are heading to your local tennis court, gym or just running errands, I hope you will enjoy wearing these and other EleVen styles as much as I do.”

EleVen Women's Core Love Tank

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