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Venus Williams’ Pink Bra Violates Wimbledon Dress Code

The Wimbledon dress code police have once again flagged a player for an apparel infraction. Gotta be all-white attire. No exceptions. This time though, it wasn’t what they were wearing as an outfit, it was what they were wearing under the outfit. It seems that Venus Williams was wearing a pink bra as she began her Monday match with Elise Mertens. The straps were, as you can see, plainly visible.

Venus Williams

Of course, the media needed to find out about this scandalous attire, and she responded:

Yeah, so I don’t want to talk about undergarments. It’s kind of awkward for me. I’ll leave that to you. You can talk about it with your friends. I’m going to pass. -Venus Williams

Her match (which she won) was delayed by rain, and when she came back, the offending undergarment did not come back with her:

Venus Williams

According to Yahoo!, “the AELTC would not confirm whether the tennis player had been spoken to, saying it was ‘a private matter.'” It’s a subject the Williams sisters know all about, too-

*Venus images from Daily News YouTube

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