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Wilson Reveals New Ultra Racket Line For Monfils, Keys And More

Updated 08/02 Another new racket line ahead and we really like the look and sound of this one. Wilson tennis has announced their new Ultra line which is said to deliver more power than the previous Ultra while maintaining its versatility from every corner of the court.

There are six models: the Ultra 100 Countervail, Ultra 100L, Ultra 100UL, Ultra 105S CV, Ultra 110 and Ultra Tour.

Each model was developed to reflect differences in athlete age, size, and ability. Varying head sizes, weights, technologies and string patterns allow players to select a model that is right for them based on their individual needs and style of play. Gaël Monfils, Feliciano Lopez, Borna Coric, and Madison Keys will debut their 2017 Ultra rackets at the U.S. Open.

We’ll let you know when we see these on the shelves but in the meantime we were lucky enough to get to hit with the Ultra 100 Countervail. A few pics of the handsome new racket below – (we love the combination matte and glossy cosmetic)- and we’ve got some video on the way.

Find it: TW/USATW/Europe

Wilson Ultra 100

Wilson Ultra 100
Wilson Ultra 100

Many players and fans have been asking me about the blacked-out racket I’ve been playing with recently, and I am excited to say it’s the new Wilson Ultra,” said Gaël Monfils. “I cover a lot of court in every match and I want power at every angle, and with every swing. This racket feels incredible no matter where or how I hit. It gives me that extra bit of confidence to play my best game, and I think other players will love it as well.

New technologies in the 2017 Ultra line include Power Rib and Crush Zone, both of which have been integrated to provide the player with greater power:

Power Rib is an enhanced racket throat geometry at a crucial bending and twisting area of the frame. This provides greater stability and stiffness that result in more power and increased directional accuracy.

Crush Zone is an innovative grommet system that compresses at impact and increases ball dwell time on the strings. The benefit of this technology is better feel and more potential energy that drives explosive power.

Together, these integrated technologies increase the racket’s hotspot by 15 percent. The hotspot is located in the center of the sweet spot, where players derive the greatest power and force behind their shots. In addition, Wilson will feature its new design DNA to the 2017 Ultra collection comprised of clean lines, bold accent colors (midnight navy and bright blue), matte finishes and velvety paint adding valued texture and feel to the racket’s design.

Our 2017 Ultra line is by far the most comprehensive and versatile collection we’ve created to date. We have high expectations for this racket as it delivers on what we have heard from a wide range of professional, avid and amateur players – ‘I want more power without losing feel’. Ultra reflects a unique blend of modern design and novel technologies that expand the hottest part of the racket’s sweetspot by 15 percent. This translates into a racket that gives more power and force where and when it is needed while enhancing feel. -Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Wilson Racquet Sports

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