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Buying Custom Orthotics Online Just Got Easy

I’ve been wearing the same custom orthotics for many years. They’ve been helpful in preventing knee and hip pain caused by repetitive motion with an uneven gait. Because my orthotics were old and breaking down, however,  I’ve been looking to buy a new set. Hello Upstep. The company fits and manufactures custom orthotics for all kinds of sports and medical needs and very generously offered to fit me for a set.

Ustep mold
Ready to step into the foam beds to create molds of my feet.

I’ll outline the process but take a look at the slide show below which reveals the steps which took place over the course of roughly one week.

  1. Visit and select the style and color of the orthotic you’d like. You can select by sport, general use or medical need. I selected running. I don’t wear them for tennis although maybe I should.
  2. Fill out the online form’s fields which ask for shoe size, color choice, sneaker brand, and model. They also request that you text or email an image of the shoe you will be placing the orthotics in. Pay your bill.
  3. Depending upon where you are you could receive a fit kit in the mail the next day. I did.  Follow the simple directions and create molds of your bare left and right feet. You get one shot at this so read the instructions first and stay focused. Close the package back up and mail (a FedX label was enclosed).
  4. Wait. Mine came in a week. You will get email alerts so you know what’s happening.
  5. Your custom orthotics arrive ready to insert.

My new orthotics fit perfectly and required absolutely no break in. My first run was completely comfortable and my legs and feet felt no unusual strain – they actually felt better, likely due to the fact that Upstep’s orthotics absorb shock and my old ones did not.

Some people do experience a little discomfort. I’m told this is normal. The company offers warm up exercises you can do in your new orthotics if this is the case.

More info from their site:

This custom orthotic insole works with your foot by facilitating good foot mechanics. It also cushions and supports as the foot begins fatigue towards the end of a long run

  •  Extra durable impact protection for your arch and forefoot
  •  A full length custom orthotic designed to outperform a removable foot bed
  •  Specific design to work with running and athletic shoes
  •  Extremely durable and moisture absorbent top layer
  •  A multi-layer EVA for shock absorption and energy return

Thumbs up all around. Great experience.



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