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Halloween Costumes With a Tennis Theme

It’s Halloween party time and if you’re reading this, it means you’re likely a tennis fan. Here are a few ideas. You can also check out our Pinterest board.

Be a pro for a night:

emoji fed

Channel a cartoon Fed by wearing his emoji t (if you have one – they are sold out) and Nike headband  or go full on Roger Federer by wearing head to toe RF gear – it’s the only time you can get away with it without looking like a tool (unless you are a kid of course).

Here’s the US men’s Nike tennis section. And here’s Europe. You’ll find RF on Roger’s hats, jacket, shirts, shorts and shoes. An all black Wilson Pro Staff 97 Autograph with the man’s name on it is the ultimate accessory. Going with a polo, shorts and headband looks the most classic Fed IMHO.

Roger that? Europe only.

Roger That t shirt


Björn Borg is another player with an iconic look.  You can pull this one together using some of Fila’s vintage collection apparel and an wooden racquet. Europe link to shirt here. A old Donnay stick is most authentic. Remember to shorten the shorts A LOT.

Bjorn Borg

Fila Bjorn Borg Headband

How about Billie Jean King?  An updated version of the tennis dress she wore in the movie/for the match is pictured below (click the pic to find it). Add blue sneakers, a wood racquet (Wilson Billie Jean King of course) and wire rimmed glasses. There you go!

Vollaix BJK dress

Tennis Zombies. This look requires a little DIY effort with some old tennis attire you don’t mind sacrificing. Splash on some scarlet Rit dye, cut a tennis ball in half and attach an elastic band for his accessory.

(What’s with the guy in  the middle of this video? Weird)

More Zombie, but I like how the ball is stuck to the broken racquet.

Adult Tennis Ball Costume  | So easy (so very silly looking). All that’s missing from this is a big brand name on the front. Maybe brand it with your own.

Adult Tennis Ball Costume
And then for those who don’t want to dress up but want points for some theme participation:

Tennis Is BootifulBasic, a tennis themed Halloweeen T with a pair of warm-up pants. We all agree with this slogan, of course.

Tennis Is Bootiful
Tennis Pumpkin Halloween T-Shirt | Brinke likes this one- a little more understated, no?

Tennis Pumpkin Halloween T-Shirt
Halloween Tennis Witch

I’ll get you and your little dog, too. Pair this with some black slacks and black sneakers, right?

Halloween Tennis Witch
Hydrogen Men’s Spring Tennis Skull T-Shirt | So maybe you want to go EASY authentic and use the stuff again. I get that. A big ole’ SKULL on the front of your shirt will fit right in with the Halloween vibe. Find it: USAEurope

Hydrogen t shirt with skull


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