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John Isner Debuts New Prince Beast 100 Tennis Racquet

We haven’t heard from Prince Tennis in a long time. The American-born global racquet sports brand is, however, debuting its latest Beast 100 tennis racquet in time with the start of the Australian Open.  Look for the stick in the hands of John Isner.

The Beast 100 is the ultimate frame in all-around versatility packed with power and spin potential featuring an engineered 16×19 string pattern to harness power.

John Isner Prince Beast tennis racquet

As an arm-friendly players racquet, new Textreme x Twaron material in the shaft delivers an even greater feel.

Prince updates the Warrior 100 with a new name and better feel.  Like the Warrior 100, the Beast 100 packs a seductive combination of power, precision and spin.  At 11.2 ounces strung, this stick is not only mobile enough for intermediates, but it also has just enough stabiliy and plow-through for the more advanced player. The Beast 100 features the second generation of Textreme. In addition to increasing stability, this material technology is updated with Twaron, an aramid fiber designed to dampen the feel and improve the sound of ball impact.

The racquet is available in three head sizes, 98, 100, and 104 and a variety of weights.

Find it: TW/USA

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