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Wilson Tennis Is Back In Black

AC/DC had a big hit back in the day with Back in Back, and Wilson Tennis hopes to do the same thing. Their all-black matte Federer RF 97 has been a big hit, so they’re doing a little brand extension action and putting the black touch to just about, well, everything.

Black is the new Black

Wilson Tennis has decided “Black is the new Black”. They’ve unveiled additions to its popular “Black Edition” product line – the Series Noir line of rackets, shoes, bags and apparel. With the success of the “Black Edition” Pro Staff RF 97 (shown below far left) Wilson has introduced the Ultra 100 CV Black alongside “Black Edition” versions of the Blade 98 CV (16×19) and Burn 100 CV. In conjunction, Wilson also introduced the new all-black Amplifeel tennis shoe, top performance apparel and bags.

Wilson Amplifeel Black/Ebony Men’s Shoe: Find it: TW/USATW/Europe

Wilson Amplifeel Black Tennis Shoe

Each racket introduced in all-black will feature Countervail (CV) technology. CV is a material technology that maximizes a player’s energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time and is exclusive to Wilson performance tennis rackets. The rackets are linked to their respective racket franchises by neon blue (Ultra), neon green (Blade) and orange (Burn) Wilson logos on the outside throat of each racket.

Black Edition Blade, Ultra, Burn and Pro Staff rackets

The “Black Edition” Ultra, Blade and Burn model rackets will be available for pre-sale via tennis specialty retailers (in-store and online) and at before being available for purchase worldwide on February 1, 2018. Each new “Black Edition” racket model retails for $219.00/MRP US.

Wilson racquets: Find it: TW/USATW/Europe

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